CN Tower 360 Restaurant Review

A while ago now I went up the CN Tower with some extended family. It has many great assets, and today I am reviewing the 360 Restaurant.


The fastest lift I have ever been on in my entirety whisked us to the peak of the CN Tower, where you can find the 360 Restaurant. So called because the views are panoramic, oh, and the restaurant spins too. Surely this might leave the stomach a little upset? Fortunately not, as the rotation is so slight it can barely be felt at all. Firstly, the views are the best in Toronto, as I’m sure you can imagine atop the tallest freestanding building in the Western Hemisphere.

The service was efficient, yet still friendly enough as we were showed to a lovely table (they’re all lovely) by a smiley waitress.

To start, I went for the Atlantic Seafood Cocktail. The plate was very aesthetically pleasing, though most of you know by now this affects my review very little. I am all about the taste and texture. The lobster was to be eaten first, and it was cooked perfectly. Falling apart on my tongue, after being dipped into the tarragon aioli, I almost forgot I was 350 metres off the ground eating my dinner. The crab and shrimp were next, both were cooked well but I had to make do with horseradish cocktail sauce as a dip after the lobster had finished off the aioli. It sounds like a large starter, but I only felt as full as you would expect after a normal starter, which is definitely a positive.

I drank only water, to help the palette. For my main course, I opted for the Peppered Striploin Steak, 10oz, blue. The steak was served quickly (it must help how I have it cooked!) and the service was helpful without being pushy. Immediately I could smell the Cognac that was drizzled onto the steak, and the peppercorn sauce beside it. I tucked in to the mash potato and French beans first (they are served in separate dishes), as I love saving the steak til last. The potato was creamy and smooth, and the beans were soft but without much flavour.

The steak cut easily, and looked just right inside. I tried the first piece with no sauce, just to test. It was as good a steak as I have had, and I appreciate that because there is a 15 second window when a blue steak is just right and this chef found it. The next bite with the peppercorn sauce was all the more inviting, the whole piece was edible with no gristle or unwanted chewy off cuts.

I decided on sticky toffee pudding for the dessert, as I can compare that to several others from other parts of the world. It was served hot with the contrasting caramel ice cream, although I was lacking a spoon until I requested that one of the lovely staff bring me one over. Probably my own fault stacking it on to a dirty plate after an earlier course, I can’t recall.

I tried the two sides to the dessert alone first, then together. The pudding wasn’t very sticky, which disappointed me, just seemingly very sweet. The ice cream was okay, but did taste as if it had come from a tub. I’m fine with that, but some might not be. Then I tried them together, and the texture improved somewhat and the hot and cold temperatures worked well, but the taste just wasn’t there for me. As I sat and looked around at the unrivalled views, I forgot about the mediocre dessert and realised what a great place to eat this is.

Overall, it’s worth a visit for the views and the first two courses, but get your pudding from Ben and Jerry’s at home. As a thrifty traveller it’s rare that I say something this expensive is worth it, but as a whole experience this probably is.

Cost: Around $100CAD per person



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