Worst Travel Horror Stories Ever!

So we’ve all heard about when things go wrong abroad, but what about when things go REALLY wrong?

My relatives went to Mexico on the most expensive holiday they’ve ever booked, and when they arrived, Hurricane Katrina hit. They spent two weeks knee deep in murky water in a school sports hall, and my Uncle got trench foot. Ouch.

I’ve heard stories of travelers waking up to a burglar in their room, being chased down side streets by muggers and even hearing a murder being committed in the hotel room next to theirs!

My personal ‘travel horror story’ entitled ‘Scammed, Beaten and Jailed in Latvia’ has it’s own lovely post here.

I have compiled my top 3 worst ever travel horror stories below…

Shitty Affair

Nomadic Matt has a disgusting story about getting a strangers’ excrement all over himself in the early hours of the morning. Angry is an understatement! Read more here

Sloppy Shitty Affair

Another backpacker writes here about getting poo everywhere. He was very poorly and many travellers can relate to this! Read more here

Dead Weight

Lena Pettersson was on board a Kenya Airways flight when the man sat opposite her started having seizures. The air hostesses were too busy to care, so the plane took off anyway. He died 2 hours in to a 10 hour flight. The passengers next to him were moved, but Lena wasn’t. She had to look at a dead body for 8 hours! Read more here

Bonus Travel Horror Story!


Marco shares his horrific experience with couchsurfing here. This one is hilarious and creepy at the same time! See the video here

Do you have a story? What do you fear happening the most before your trip? Leave a comment…

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