Football Zorbing – the most fun you can have inside a ball

Last weekend I went to an old friends stag do (bucks night) in Cardiff, Wales. I’ve never been there so it was a good chance to go somewhere new. We got on the minibus from Derby, in the center of the UK, around 10am Friday morning. We were due to return on Sunday afternoon.

The first night involved a sit down meal and of course far too many beers. We had a good time at night and the standard bad headaches in the morning. The Saturday was to prove the best day of all.

We started with a hearty breakfast (which I swapped for a lie-in, and later regretted), then headed off to a sports centre to play ‘zorb football’. I’ve heard of zorbing, and of course I know football, but what is a hybrid of the two going to be like??

Basically, the zorbs are three quarter sized and cover you from head to knee. You have to strap in and hold on, then run around trying to play football while bouncing into each other.

We crawled into our respective zorbs and everyone started tentatively. The referee (organiser) soon blew the whistle and demanded that we start running into each other, even removing the football for a while to get things going. The first impact, ‘BOOM!’ both players crashed into each other and fell backwards, doing flips in their zorb. While I watched on I got clobbered to the floor from behind, I think it was my own team mate!

After you realise it doesn’t hurt at all, it becomes great fun. It was hard work, even the fittest of us were sweating and out of breath. The balls are heavy and you have to run as fast as you can, it’s tough going! We all took turns to take a break, except the stag of course, who got slammed from all angles no matter what. There was a red team and a black team, but the stag gets a blue zorb so he can be identified (bullied).

I have a short video of the mayhem to try and show you what it was like, the last 20 seconds are hilarious when Pete gets stuck upside down!!

We ended up out of the zorbs playing normal 5 a side football for 20 minutes, then headed to the pub for another night on the town. It was a good weekend, but the zorbing was new for all of us and was definitely the highlight, I would recommend it to anybody!

Have you done something different on a stag do or hen night? Leave a comment…

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