Gem’s Bungee Jump!

In one months time, Gemma and I will be skydiving for charity. So we thought it would be appropriate to share Gemma’s previous adrenaline filled charity experience (in her own words for once!!!) …

Last August, I plucked up the courage to do a charity 160 foot crane bungee jump ran by ‘UK Bungee’. U.K bungee operate out of locations all over the U.K. The one I completed mine at was in Birmingham, West Midlands Water Ski Centre, a very pretty place, that even had a bar! Perfect bonus for when you’re nervous. I did it to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, and in the end I raised over £500.

Getting prepped
Getting prepped

It was a lovely day and the weather was perfect. There was a big lake where people were doing water sports, and the crane I would be jumping off leaned over it. I remember thinking it looked quite small from the floor, (oh how mistaken I was!). Eager and very confident about the whole event, I bounced to where you have to sign up and get weighed and fitted with ankle and waist harnesses, then sit on the bench waiting for your turn to come around.

There were 3 of us doing the jump, my sister, my cousin and myself. My sister, who was terrified, went up first to get it over and done with. Bless her though she was crying her heart out before she even got seated in the crane. She was okay as they lifted her, and went up normally, but when she got to the top there wasn’t much hesitation before she jumped, screaming at the top of her lungs.

I was up next, still confident. I jumped into my seat on the crane, but as soon as it started travelling up swaying side to side I wasn’t so sure.

Not so confident now!
Not so confident now!

We reached the top after some expletives and the bungee man opened the cage up. I remember him counting 3 and I jumped, purely because I couldn’t stand there any longer. The view was amazing but the thought of jumping off became less appealing within seconds of being up there! I couldn’t let a sound out as my stomach was in my throat. As I got closer to the floor I could hear people but I couldn’t see a thing. I remember asking where the floor was. Eventually a man grabbed me to safely place me on the ground. It was an unparalleled feeling, and of course lots of adrenaline. See the video here (apologies for the language!) :

Finally my cousin was up! He didn’t show much emotion, when he got to the top we were all watching in anticipation to what his reaction was going to be, were heard the bungee man do a countdown, 3.. 2.. 1.. however there was no jump, he froze! From the floor we heard ‘push me!’, and the man did exactly that. Then we heard the scream we had been waiting for!

Overall it was a lovely day, and all for a good cause. The experience is well worth the effort of fundraising. A couple of final tips… Don’t grab onto the cage as it might hurt, just try to relax. Also, the bungee jump is free if you pledge to raise over £100. There are higher bungee’s should you want even more height. I recommend this to anyone, but the fear I had on the way up has made me a little more anxious for my upcoming parachute jump.

I would also like to thank UK Bungee for being great throughout the day, and making the experience what it was. You can find their website here.

Have you done a bungee jump? Would you like to? Leave a comment!


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