Pure Dirt Tours Review

I had the chance to review Pure Dirt Tours in Rotorua, and having never ridden anything except a moped, I jumped at the chance!

As you arrive there is a Portakabin that doubles as the office, then what looked like a cleaning/storing shed next to it full of dirt bikes. I arrived in the afternoon and it was very quiet around, despite being close to the main road. I met the owner Merv and his employee Matt. Matt explained what the biking would entail, and he asked questions about my abilities. I struggle with balance on a bicycle so was a little nervous!

I was advised that they have use of over 700 acres of land, with numerous tracks, ranging from a beginners course right through to professional tracks. Merv mentioned that children as young at 4 had tried Pure Dirt Biking, so I guess I had no excuse not to give it a go!

I got kitted up using their large selection of tops, bottoms, boots and gloves, then signed my life away and got measured up for the dirt bike. Matt also explained the charges if anything were to break on the bike, but he also said that it takes a lot to break something on them, as they are very sturdy pieces of equipment. I would find out just how sturdy they were later on!


After being trained on the basics by the knowledgable staff, you do a couple of test runs.

They say you’ve not ridden a bike properly until you’ve fallen off (they is me) and true to form I had no issue in hitting the deck!

My crash!
My crash!

I loved getting up to speed, but corners were my downfall. Once you begin the actual route, the hills take you higher and the views get magical. Take your eyes off the road though and you may regret it… my horrendous slo-mo fall is captured well below.


A few more turns later and we were at the lookout, which has the most amazing views. All you can see is greenery and Lake Rotorua, absolutely beautiful. After taking in the gorgeous scenery it was time to make our way back.

After a good rest at the top to take the views in, the gentle cruise back down the slopes is very peaceful. I feel this was an amazing experience and any 2 wheel lovers or adventure junkies would enjoy.

The staff were friendly and very patient, and their many years of experience really shine through. They are also very quick to respond to you if you do come off, which I am very grateful for. Crashes do happen, particularly with beginners, but I am living proof that that is nothing to worry about.

The cost for a one hour trip is $150 per person, which includes the bike, fuel, clothing and guide. Pure Dirt Tours also offer longer trips, up to and including a 3 night ride. They have recently diversified into 4×4 Safari’s too.

Merv, the friendly owner of Pure Dirt Tours

Pure Dirt Tours

451 Ngongotaha Rd



New Zealand

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