Indian Delights Taupo Review

As a man that was raised to eat anything and everything, I’m not exactly a food connoisseur. I enjoy too much food to ever be an acclaimed critic. Gemma, however, is one of the pickiest eaters you could meet. Perfect for a restaurant review. We both love Indian food and were therefore really happy to be invited to review Indian Delights in Taupo.

This 100 seater authentic and fully licensed establishment comes advertised as having a “Million Dollar Lake View”. That’s quite a claim. They are open for lunch between 11am and 2pm so we popped in during our day in the area.

We ascended the stairs to this first floor restaurant and were shown to our table, one of many with a fantastic lookout over Lake Taupo. The decor inside feels authentic, but we were glad to grab a table on the balcony as the view is breathtaking. A good start. We were then left alone with our menus to ponder our food choices.

The menu is large and varied, and I chose a vegetable korma while Gemma has her usual vegetable jalfrezi, both with boiled rice and garlic naan bread. We stuck to water for our drinks, at least until we had eaten.

The food took only 15 minutes, but of course this was a quiet Sunday lunch time, not a busy Friday night. My first thought when the food arrived was that there wasn’t enough. One large bowl of rice to share, along with a small bowl of curry each. The naans looked ample, but the curry and rice worried me. The smell was too delicious to procrastinate any further, so we divvied up the grub and tucked in.

My korma was the perfect consistency, not too thick and not too watery. The vegetables were crisp and tasty, and the spices made the dish delightful. The rice was as expected, just plain boiled rice, cooked well. The naan was puffy and filling with a nice texture. Gemma’s jalfrezi was very enjoyable and she said it is the best curry she has had in New Zealand. Gemma only ever has veg. jalfrezi, and we have been to 10 curry houses since being here so that is quite a compliment.

My fears of not having enough quantity of food were premature. As it turned out the feast was the perfect amount, leaving both of us with filled bellies with some rice to spare.

Gemma did note that she was chilly, and had we been going to stay for longer we would have requested that they turn on their heaters. I am sure they would be turned on during evening service. They have a full wine selection, which we can’t comment on, but it did look rather impressive.

Overall, Indian Delights is a great place to go for an authentic Indian experience with a lovely Kiwi twist, Lake Taupo! Ensure you book early to get a table with a view over the water and Mount Ruapehu.

Indian Delights offer lunchtime specials (between 11am and 2pm) for only $10.90 which include butter chicken and tikka masala. Please see their website for more details.

Indian Delights

10 Roberts Street


New Zealand


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