Indian Delights Taupo Review

As a man that was raised to eat anything and everything, I’m not exactly a food connoisseur. I enjoy too much food to ever be an acclaimed critic. However I love Indian food and was therefore really happy to be invited to review Indian Delights in Taupo.

This 100 seater authentic and fully licensed establishment comes advertised as having a “Million Dollar Lake View”. That’s quite a claim. They are open for lunch between 11am and 2pm so I popped in during my day in the area.

I ascended the stairs to this first floor restaurant and was shown to my table, one of many with a fantastic lookout over Lake Taupo. The decor inside feels authentic, but I were glad to grab a table on the balcony as the view is breathtaking. A good start. I was then left alone with the menus to ponder food choices.

The menu is large and varied, and I chose a vegetable curry with boiled rice and garlic naan bread. I stuck to water for drinks, at least until I had eaten.

The food took only 15 minutes, but of course this was a quiet Sunday lunch time, not a busy Friday night. My first thought when the food arrived was that there wasn’t enough. One small bowl of rice to share, along with a small bowl of curry. The naan looked ample, but the curry and rice worried me. The smell was too delicious to procrastinate any further, so I tucked in.

The food was lovely and my fears of not having enough quantity were premature. As it turned out the feast was the perfect amount, leavingme with a perfectly filled belly.

Overall, Indian Delights is a great place to go for an authentic Indian experience with a lovely Kiwi twist, Lake Taupo! Ensure you book early to get a table with a view over the water and Mount Ruapehu.

Indian Delights offer lunchtime specials (between 11am and 2pm) for only $10.90 which include butter chicken and tikka masala. Please see their website for more details.


Indian Delights

10 Roberts Street


New Zealand

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