Bolivian hospital and a near death experience

After the ice bucket challenge, I headed to Olivers Tavern once again for a vegetable curry and some vodkas. My stomach was gurgling a bit, but I thought it would go. Once back at the hotel the pain in my stomach was getting worse. Eventually I was sick, but I’m rarely sick from drinking, especially only a few vodkas, and the pain in my gut was telling me something was up. I was sick again, and again, and again. And again. I lost count eventually but the sink was full to the brim with rice and veg, and the shower had took some hammering too, not to mention the toilet.

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La Paz – and my Ice Bucket Challenge

The next morning I was not surprised when the hotel hadn’t arranged my taxi, and called for it as I checked out. I made my early flight regardless and was thankful to be back in La Paz as was still feeling ropey. I spent the majority of the day in bed back at Hostel Naira, sipping water and feeling sorry for myself.

I woke with hunger and little pain the next day and I wasn’t as grumpy as the previous few days. Pancakes and bananas went down a treat at Naira and after showering I headed to Kanoo Tours. I explained to the staff that ‘Al Extremo’ were dissatisfactory and Kanoo were again more than helpful, providing us with a refund. I gave some of this back immediately in exchange for tickets to Cholitas Wrestling, which is on Sunday and I am looking forward to. They also emailed me prices and details for some trips with Banjo Tours, which was very helpful.

I left happy and went for a look around the infamous ‘Witches Market’, where they sell llama foetuses as good luck charms for new houses, amongst other oddities.


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Puno to La Paz

So I jump in the pre-arranged cab, which is about the only thing Edgar Adventures did right. Tired and weary, I got to the bus station and paid 1 boliviano, some form of tax. The bus was due to leave at 7am, and this leg of the journey would be with Tour Peru. I showed my tickets but was told the bus I could see was for Copacabana, not La Paz. So I waited around another 10 minutes until bingo, La Paz bus. While waiting to board, I noticed that my tickets said La Paz and everyone else’s said La Paz directo. Just to be sure, I asked if anyone was sat in seat 13 (my seat). A lady said yes, and I knew I was in trouble. Continue reading “Puno to La Paz”