Puno to La Paz

So I jump in the pre-arranged cab, which is about the only thing Edgar Adventures did right. Tired and weary, I got to the bus station and paid 1 boliviano, some form of tax. The bus was due to leave at 7am, and this leg of the journey would be with Tour Peru. I showed my tickets but was told the bus I could see was for Copacabana, not La Paz. So I waited around another 10 minutes until bingo, La Paz bus. While waiting to board, I noticed that my tickets said La Paz and everyone else’s said La Paz directo. Just to be sure, I asked if anyone was sat in seat 13 (my seat). A lady said yes, and I knew I was in trouble. Continue reading “Puno to La Paz”

Ollantaytambo to Puno

I am starting to get used to early starts, and was up at 4 today, for a 5am cab. Checked out of El Albergue and despite being kind enough to make me breakfast to go, I ended up with ham, not jam, as I had asked for. Probably a language barrier. The OJ was nice nonetheless.

My driver, the same guy from Cusco Transport that picked me up, was on time and pleasant as ever. The journey began to Cusco bus station and I watched in awe as the sun rose above the mountains.


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Machu Picchu

At 5 am sharp I was up and ready to rock. The train was due at 6.40 to take me from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes, which is at the base of Machu Picchu. My hotel was literally on the train platform, very handy.

The train journey is beautiful and chilled, aside for one guy jumping off whilst it was still moving to change the tracks so we wouldn’t have a head on collision. Continue reading “Machu Picchu”


I landed in Peru courtesy once again of Air Europa, it was pretty dismal, and was marred with lack of sleep and seemingly being seated in the middle of a 35,000 foot high crèche.

Nevertheless, I grabbed a cab to my hotel and opted for a licensed one. This was to prove a smart move, as after 20 minutes of driving we were in a very dodgy neighbourhood, with thieves and vagabonds a plenty. Despite this, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw a very drunk Peruvian running laps around a bush. It was a strange start to South America, but being so tired I wasn’t too fussed.

I arrived at Hotel Bayview to find the receptionist asleep and the front door locked (this is normal for hotels here – the locked bit anyway). After a quick window knock I was informed check in wasn’t until 1pm, which I knew, but it was worth a shot.

I headed into Miraflores, the suburb I was staying in, and could see the ocean from atop the hillside. I then went to a spanking new shopping centre, Larcomar, and bought Peruvian SIM cards. We also found a nice Incan market where I purchased a hat and jumper, both items for 60 soles, or about £13.

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