London and Madrid

Today is the day I left the UK for a few years. I hate goodbyes.  Missing people is one of the worst parts about travelling.

Before too long, I was £8 lighter and on my way to the adventure of a lifetime. I got swept up in the usual hordes of miserable folks on the underground, but it was fresh faced excitement for me. I nipped up around Leicester Square area and stumbled upon the ‘7 dials’ festival. It was good to see so many attendees, and I stayed to watch Ian Stone, a comedian I like. There was another famous guy hosting, but I’ve no clue who he is.


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UWCB (Ultra White Collar Boxing) – A Complete Guide To The Event

Ultra White Collar Boxing, or UWCB for short, is a white collar boxing event held at multiple cities around the UK. As long as you have no boxing experience and are over 18, you are welcome to join. The events have a strict black tie dress code and are a great night out for all your family and friends. Read on to find out how the event operates, how the UWCB tickets work and how to win your UWCB fight.

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