Lady Hamilton Hotel Review, Stockholm

In January I had the opportunity to review the quirky Lady Hamilton Hotel in Stockholm.

Nestled in Gamla Stan, the location on paper looks unbeatable, within walking distance of everything Stockholm has to offer. The reality when you arrive is no different, and after a swift 15 minute walk from the Arlanda Express terminal (if you are flying in) you are in the beating heart of Stockholm on the doorstep of a very funky, folk style hotel.

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Guinness Storehouse Tour Guide + Review

The lovely Irish lads and lasses over at Guinness Storehouse  in Dublin invited me over to review their Guinness themed tourist attraction that is the Guinnesse factory tour at St James’ Gate Brewery, Dublin.

I was excited by this for several reasons. Firstly, I’ve never been to Ireland, and secondly, I love alcohol. The old tale goes that Guinness tastes better in Dublin, but how true is that?


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Andersen Boutique Hotel Review

During a visit to Denmark, I had the opportunity to stay at the prestigious Andersen Boutique Hotel in the uber-trendy Vesterbro “Meatpacking” area of Copenhagen. Before I blog my full post on our trip, here is the Andersen Boutique Hotel review.


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Phuket Zoo

Phuket Zoo – The Honest Truth

During our trip to Phuket, my father and I had planned to see the zoo, and it was one of the outings that we were both relishing. The first noticeable sign as you approach Phuket Zoo points out that foreigners pay 5 times more for entry than Thai people. Imagine a sign stating that British people pay 5 times less than foreigners at London Zoo? We walked inside, laughing about the thought of that inverted sign.


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phuket shooting range

Phuket Shooting Range Review, Tips and Pricing Guide

The car park at Phuket Shooting Range is dusty, which gets you in the cowboy spirit straight away. The long walls of the shooting range meet in the middle to an open archway. My father and I approached, hearing the odd gunshot, which while obvious, is still nerve-wracking. A nonchalant Thai national was sat behind a window pane just inside the walls. He pointed towards a list on the window that explained the cost of each weapon and how much ammunition comes with it. I went for the 22mm rifle, and Dad opted for the 45mm handgun, both coming with 10 bullets. The range is straight out of Lethal Weapon 3, paper targets on clips and trigger happy men wearing large ear muffs and goggles.

phuket shooting range

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tiger cave temple view

Tiger Cave Temple – Review, Tips and Pricing Guide

I was told the best views around Krabi, Thailand could be found near to the Wat Tum Sua Buddhist Temple (sometimes called Tiger Cave Temple or Wat Tham Seua), so my father and I decided to visit so that I could create this review, tips and pricing guide.

We parked up in the morning and wandered towards the temple. It is beautiful, and worth going just to see the architecture inside. This, however, is at ground level, and the best views don’t come easy.


The views I had been advised of were a mere 1,237 steps away. Opposite the entrance to the actual temple, the stairs begin to wind around a mountain, complete with worn areas where your hands are more useful than your feet, sections with sheer drops on either side and no barrier, and pesky monkeys looking to jump into your pockets at the first opportunity.

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