My trav-hell to the Maldives

Sometimes travel tests your patience. The ones that keep up with the More Passport Stamps Twitter account will know that I am currently in the Maldives (alright for some). However, often you have to go through hell to get to heaven. My original plan was to get a lift to Birmingham Airport, fly with Emirates to Maldives (via Dubai) then get a seaplane to Meedhupparu, my first Maldivian destination.


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Site Switch

Welcome to us all!

Those of you who are returning readers will know my previous scribblings were on a different site. I have moved More Passport Stamps to WordPress for a number of reasons. The most important of which is that internet access isn’t great in many places, and WordPress is relatively fast loading. There are some other reasons too, relating to aesthetics and the linking of various posts to social media.

There’s an unprecedented amount of background work to do whilst moving all this over, so I plead for your mercy while attempting to decode the mystery of technology. My brutal reviews will be back in full flow before you can say ‘WordPress’. I promise.