Hi! I’m Alan and I run More Passport Stamps. Welcome!

I travel the world, reviewing places so that you know all about them before you get there. The success of this site has been because all of my reviews are genuine. It even says so in the tagline, “Real reviews”.

I guarantee to always follow my 3 strict rules:

  • No pop-up advertising (I hate it too!)
  • Only ever recommend products/services that I have experienced myself
  • No affiliate links

Affiliate links are a great way for travel sites to earn money, but they result in writers and business owners recommending products or services that generate them the most cash, rather than which are best. I avoid them for the avoidance of doubt! Pop up advertising is another great way make extra money from your business, but I’m all about the user experience, and I hate pop-ups!

The idea is that anybody can use this blog to their advantage. Whether for research or inspiration, or any reason at all. I benefitted from travel, and still continue to do so each day, and I firmly believe that everybody can benefit from travel.

All you need to keep up to date with More Passport Stamps is an e-mail address, please see the box below.