Adaaran Select Meedhupparu (Maldives) Review

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review the Adaaran Select Meedhupparu, in the Maldives. If you haven’t yet read it or seen the video, my journey here was rocky to say the least, see here. Alternatively, read on for my complete review of Meedhupparu and the Adaaran Select resort.

Please note Meedhupparu is treated a little bit like 2 separate resorts on the same island. I stayed in a beach villa and therefore the only content I can give on the over water villas is if you watch the walkthrough video above (starting from 21:30).

✈ Transport

The transportation to Meedhupparu is by seaplane, a simple 45 minute journey providing the weather doesn’t turn on you!

They also have a dedicated Meedhupparu lounge at Male airport so you can relax and enjoy a few drinks and snacks prior to your seaplane journey.


🛏️ Room

I felt the room was airy and spacious, the double bed was extremely comfortable and is a Kingsize so no space issues.


There’s plenty of room for 2 people, with a huge double wardrobe, a large drawer, a beside table, a chair, a a luggage rack, a sink, a mirror and even a shower – per person!

During the day it is nice to open the back doors and be able to hear the sea. You can see it from your bed either way. Below is the view from the room I was in, 188.


💆‍♂️ Spa

Chavana Spa at Meedhupparu is hidden in a lush garden, which gears you up for relaxation before you begin.

After removing your shoes you are signed in for your treatment and welcomed to a relaxing lounger, where you will be met with a herbal tea to aid detoxification. The spa is well laid out, with a large 4 sided waterfall in the centre of the room giving off calming sounds.

There are several treatment rooms dotted along the outskirts of the spa, along with a sauna and steam room which are free for guests to use at any time. The masseuses are great as you may imagine and will care to your every need.

🥅 Facilities

The gym here is behind the spa, with running machines and some basic weight equipment. The pool area is a great suntrap with plenty of parasols for shade if you need them. Be aware this resort is popular with Germans so you may have to reserve your lounger as is their custom. The pool itself is a large L shape with brilliant swim up bar and even has an infinity edge on the beach side giving a great view out to sea.

There is a pool table in the Sunset Bar and table tennis table in the main bar, both of which are free play.


👩‍✈️ Staff

I found the staff generally cannot do enough for you and tended to be very helpful and polite with pleasantries exchanged often.

The welcome packs do state that tipping is customary and expected, but be aware that many charges already include a service charge so tipping is unnecessary, e.g. treatments at the spa.


💃 Entertainment

Regular bands and/or singers perform in the main bar during the evenings, or sometimes they perform at the Sunset Bar on the beach. The Sunset Bar also shows sports when they are on, usually football as the Maldivians love it!


🍉 Food

The Sufura is the all-inclusive buffet restaurant near the pool and main bar. The food varies and all diets/preferences are catered for. I found the food here really, really tasty. It was so nice, in fact, that I had no need to try the Thavaa restaurant.

It is a little strange though, as they assign you a table number and that table is yours for the entirety of your stay. This ensures you are always served by the same staff member, and they will remember your drinks orders for ease.


🦈 Snorkelling

Just wade in a foot or so and you will not believe the number of small black-tip reef sharks that are swimming amongst your legs, it’s great to see.

The smaller fish range from individual bottom feeders that will happily let you pass over them as you snorkel and they feed, right through to the shoals of tiny fish that will dart away as soon as you’re within a few metres!


🚤 Excursions

There are a good variety of activities on Meedhupparu, including a sunset photography session and the chance to be left on a desert island for a few hours. You can see an island that the locals reside on for $40 per person or just sip a Kurumba and coconut as the traditional Maldivian dhoni (boat) does a lap of Meedhupparu.

Night fishing is also an option, and these, along with various different snorkelling routes, run every few days and can be signed up for in reception.


🦎 Wildlife

As with seemingly everywhere warm, geckos are aplenty on Meedhupparu. They may just be my favourite animal. Crows might be an issue for some though as they hunt in packs and are seemingly quite daring here. I spotted one try to take a lady’s hair clip from her bun early in the morning. Speaking of early, there are several families of poultry mooching about the island, begging for scraps. One morning (I was awake anyway from jetlag) the cockerel gave us a cock-a-doo-da-loo at 4.40am!

There are some other flying species on the island too, including huge fruit bats that tend to prefer flying when it’s a bit darker. They are great to watch.


🐛 Bugs

Mossies love me, and Meedhupparu wasn’t as bad as I was expecting for them. A few here and there, but they certainly didn’t affect the holiday. Sandflies also weren’t an issue. Saw a couple of rogue cockroaches on the walk home but again, nothing too concerning.


💰 Cost

Prices fluctuate using many variables. As a rule of thumb, the earlier you book, the better the rate will be. However, there are some great last minute deals too. The low season will set you back around $250-$300 per night based on 2 people in a double, all inclusive. The high season is more likely to be $350-$400 per night.

The over water villas start at around $700 per night and can reach as much as $1200 depending on availability.


🏖 Overall

The Adaaran Select Meedhupparu has 238 well presented rooms and 370 uber-helpful staff to compliment their great facilities, lovely views, great food and tonnes of value for money. To book or search for current offers, please visit their website here.

If you want to see a full walkthrough of the island, you can watch my YouTube video review here. Would you stay at Meedhupparu? Let me know in the comments below!

63 thoughts on “Adaaran Select Meedhupparu (Maldives) Review

  1. OMG! I wanted to go there! Maldives really is so lovely and heaven, your pictures of it, the accommodation, food, makes me want to go there soon. Need to save some 🙂

  2. Wow lucky you! You got to do a review in the Maldives!!! That hotel is gorgeous 🙂 Seems like the perfect spot for a honeymoon or wellness week.

  3. It surely looks like a postcard-paradise people imagine Maldives to be! I’ve never been there, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ugly beach photo from Maldives. Thank you for sharing all these things, it sounds like you had a very good experience there!

  4. Looks like you were very lucky to spend time in that heavenly island on that resort. Is it an adult-only accommodation or do they offer a play area for kids too?

  5. Danke für diesen tollen Bericht. Jetzt freuen wir uns noch viel mehr auf unseren Urlaub . Nächste Woche geht es ab ins Paradies🤗🤗🤗

    Thanks for this great report. Now we are looking forward much more to our holiday. Next week, it’s off to paradise🤗🤗🤗

  6. Wow, what an amazing place to visit! That blue water is stunning! I’m sure you left feeling really relaxed after spending time in paradise.

  7. Been looking at this place for a few months and was unsure as no real reviews on it other than TA so thanks for this. We’ve booked it for next year now, so counting down the days begins today. Eeeek!

  8. Thanks for your review, I’m actually considering Maldives to be a wedding destination for me and my fiancee. So your review was very on point!

  9. I have always wanted to explore Maldives but they are so far from where I live and the flight is so expensive. Your shots are amazing and through them I can see the beauty of this place

  10. That island is a dream! And the resort looks really great for a wonderful relaxing days. I never get tired of the beach and the beautiful islands. Your video is fantastic!

  11. Heh, no need to review this place. One photo is enough. It is a perfect place to relax and have rest, especially after some challenging mountain trips that I do.

  12. I’d vaguely heard of this property but didn’t know much about it and haven’t had any clients stay there. That’s for putting his review up so we can see what it’s like in depth! Glad you had such a wonderful stay

  13. I would happily camp on the beach just to be here. What a remarkable beautiful place to stay and review. I need to check it out.

  14. The Maldives are the dream! It is high on my list and really hope to go there soon! I mean the colour of the water… In the meantime, I will just keep daydreaming from very rainy London 😉

  15. Maldives has been number one on my bucket list for long-well it still is. Adaaran Select Meedhupparu looks like a perfect resort to book. I love snorkeling and this just looks so ideal for my snorkeling needs and i just cant get enough of the bandas on water, they are everything now

  16. Couldn’t decide which island to stay at in the Maldives prior to this. Hubby and I are excited to go here next month now! Thanks again More Passport Stamps!!

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