Everything you need to know about Budapest

Wondering what to do in Budapest? Whether or not to go? See for yourself in this honest review of Budapest…

I went to Budapest this Summer and it is a fantastic city, that everybody should visit at least once. I have filtered down the things to do, so that you can maximise your trip!

Business class or not, Chris hates flying!


Buda and Pest are both nice, both have advantages and disadvantages, so check the map or the things you are drawn to and choose somewhere based on that. A general rule of thumb is, Buda tends to have more grandeur and Pest is busier.

If you want 5 star luxury in the middle of the city, I stayed at the Corinthia. Alternatively, if you have budget constraints you can always check AirBnB for accommodation.


Budapest has some of the best nightlife I have ever experienced. From huge outdoor bars that incorporate food stalls, to underground clubs that have several mini dance floors all with different genre’s of music, Budapest has it all. Every night of the week is lively too, so not just Friday and Saturday.

“For Sale Pub” where you can leave a note behind for others to read

The ruin bars are worth visiting, the most popular of which is Szimpla Kert. They are good value and unique to Budapest, so definitely check them out. Some folks like large multi floor bars like Instant, a popular jaunt, and some like low key riverside hangout bars, so obviously stroll towards the water to find them.

Drinks by the river

Another aspect I like is that the majority of drinkers are locals, whereas my preconceived idea of Budapest was that it would be all stag do’s and foreign party goers. There’s something for everyone here, so you shouldn’t miss a good night out in this city!

For beers in the day, try BeersOnWheels Budapest…


Liberty Statue is near the Citadella on the Buda side (will make sense when you see a map) and is a decent attraction, mainly for the views. It is a relatively steep climb but took us less than 30 minutes, so no Mount Everest.

Grand entrance
Halfway up
The statue


Not a bad view

Next up is Buda Castle, which is a grandiose World Heritage site nestled next to the river, slightly North of Liberty Statue.

Buda Castle

The castle has many interesting features and is a fantastic visit, and yet again offers some fantastic views. Don’t miss it.

Finally, although briefly mentioned before and not an attraction as such, the river that separates the two sides of the city is definitely a big draw. Some fantastic examples of architecture and engineering surround the calm water, so spending some time walking the banks is a must.



I spent a good while here, and if there’s something that didn’t make this post, it’s cos it was no good or not unique. I found the culinary experience underwhelming, but food (and drink!) is cheap and fun everywhere. Make sure you book a restaurant too, as not many accept walk ins.

A beautiful city nonetheless, that everyone should visit, however a weekend here is ample.


Did I miss something great in Buda? Leave a comment below…



2 thoughts on “Everything you need to know about Budapest

  1. You had such a great time in Budapest. I would really love to follow the footsteps you took. Btw, I feel for Chris! Awwww….

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